How scissor step cuts the space between the legs away cuts you away between an untrue memory plays only you can see. In its place is the land he gets to claim is what everyone sees, sprarkling and crackling. Look at the marks on the desert. In each ellision between the triangle of his strides is where your planar memory racks your body one thin sheet that is flash paper and keeps getting torn away unignited and still there is a gap where your seeing should be, where you should see the floor but in his strides you find yourself dark in the little lapse between pant legs, legs born to find love and work. in the ellision only your airless, which is your seeing without body. imagine yourself fucked, for in this can we stride unburdened. and if you love, my dear, you will break the space in to out you will crawl like a little worm, wriggling in all of your ugliness, live truncated, spine unmanaged to unseam something habitable inhabitable.