Arrow/Verso (2012)

<(((I heard Helene Cixous say, "arrow." Helene Cixous spoke at Berkeley, reading her "The Flying Manuscript." The camera shows the letter or a writing that Derrida wrote in an airplane and which Cixous is interacting with, which she wrote about and is now reading about. It shows and she reads this one part, that looks like it is written in pencil: "...fin de l'histoire et sans linceul..." The end of history and without a shroud. Then she says/writes:

"Within reach of these words, he fires an arrow charged quite obviously with raging momentum. Where does the arrow lead us? To the other side of the page, of the map, of the world, of history, of time beyond time if that could exist, in a virgin time, a virgin, virgin time. Oh might you hear this lost sigh, exhaled confined on the verso, the verso of a page then once more on the verso of the following page. Sigh permitted free to express the excess of the soul's suffering."

There was another little bit that I trascribed: "...since for the moment this expiring text owes nothing to anyone." This was because he wasn't writing it for anyone. Or it was something like that.)))